There are many important reasons for you to choose Istanbul for beard transplantation.

The most important advantage is the result of success in beard transplantation. Istanbul is the city with the most experienced experts in hair and beard transplantation.

The most important factor for a good result in beard transplant is the success of the operation. An adequate number of grafts, the adequate density of planting grafts, the angle of placement, correct beard line, and experienced expert support after the operation are very important for successful outcomes.

Therefore, you should make the right choice for the team and clinic where you will have beard transplantation. The expertise and high standard clinics in Istanbul let you decide easily and the best choice.

In addition, Istanbul is a cheap city. Operations are carried at a more affordable price than many countries.

Istanbul is also an appealing choice for your entertainment. The city, with a charming historical structure and a bridge between two continents that connect each other through the Bosphorus is a living city. With its rich cuisine, you can experience different delightful tastes and have fun in colorful nightlife. Thus, you can have a concentrated and filled with joy vacation by coming a few days before the operation.

It is because Istanbul is a fashion city, you can reach worldwide brands in Istanbul easily. With the special pricing of famous fashion brands, you can get the products you want at a more affordable price.

In conclusion, if you have decided to have beard transplant , you certainly should prefer Istanbul / Turkey.

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