What Are The Advantages Make To A Beard Transplant in Istanbul?

Weak beards is no longer a problem. With the development of the medical technologies and the proliferation of the experienced surgeons, beard transplantation operation has become widespread.

The most important criterion for a successful result in a beard transplantation is the experience of the team and surgeons. This criterion depends on the standards of the clinic which will perform the operation.

The Clinic Which Will Held The Beard Transplant
• Pre-operation analysis
• Operation quality
• It should provide support after the operation

There are two important advantages for beard transplantation in Istanbul: A team of experts and price advantage.

After the beard transplant operation, you can visit the historical city and enjoy the colorful İstanbul by night . Istanbul is an economic city.

If you are thinking about a beard transplant in Istanbul, your choice is right. You can refer the results of our previous customers with a wonderful change and success. Before the beard transplant, you can get a free analysis to you beard , informations about the method that you need in the beard transplant , and you can get also informations about the operation and price.

The Package For A Beard Transplant
• 2000-4000 grafts beard transplantation
• Transfer from/to airport
• Hotel to clinic/ clinic to hotel
• 3 days hosting in a 4 stars hotel
• Lifetime medical support

Some Detailed Informations About The beard Transplantation Methods
• FUE beard Transplant
• DHI beard Transplant
• Sapphire beard Transplant

For more detailed informations or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are her efor you !


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