The Most Asked Questions About The Beard Transplant

The most asked questions and their answers about the beard transplantation , you can read to have more deep informations . And you can take advices about of best clinic in Turkey for this procedure .

How long should i wait before i make a beard transplant ?
If there is no beard until the age of 20s, the person should apply for a beard transplant .

Is the planted beard can be shaved daily?
Yes , it can be shaved daily.

For the ones who do not have beard, how many grafts can be transplanted?
The suitable number for the ones who do not have beard , 2000-3000 grafts can give a very good results .

Can the hair direction be adjusted in the beard transplant also ?
Yes , the hair follicles can be transplanted in the desired area .

Can a person takes his bath normally after a session ?
The sowing area should not get in contact with water for 48 hours.

How long a beard transplant session last?
A beard transplant session is completed between 1 to 6 hours.

When exactly i can see the results?
When the 10 months are over, a long-lasting beard is obtained.

Can the beard transplant operation be understood from other persons outside?
No , the process is made with a natural appearance principle and can not be clear from the outside.

How many angle degrees a beard transplant needs?
The ideal angle is between 30 to 35 degrees.

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