Beard Transplant

The beard for men is a part of an Aesthetic appearance on the face of each man . The beard for male is like an accessory . However, in some cases, men do not have a beard as they want. Sometimes, because of the genetic factors, sometimes can be due to accidents which can occur dilatation, or scarring . These factors cause serious problems and the person can not even apply the new beard fashion, which is especially common among young people nowadays .

Normally, Problems like dilution in the beard do not cause health problems for men . In this case, ,it can become a spiritual problem for men. And may cause problems such as feeling away from sociability and loose their self-confident. Today, Aesthetic applications have found a solution to this problem . Thanks to the beard transplant, the men’s problem is resolved with this easy application.

How The Beard Transplantation Is Done ?
Beard transplant, such as hair transplant, usually the follicles are taken from the donor area( back of the head) and transplanted into the beard empty bald areas. Even for people who had never a beard , this procedure can be done successfully. As a result of the application, a beard can be created that maintains its naturalness and nice appearance. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, beard transplant can be done without feeling any pain. The Fue technique is used during this application.

The hair follicles used during the beard transplant are removed from the nape back area of the head as much as possible without leaving any damage in the donor area. And these follicles are planted carefully with a special direction and angle of 30-35 degrees, as a result, natural looking and heavy beard.

During the beard transplantation, only single hair follicles can be used, if the follicles are removed from the donor area , the roots must be separated individually. Because in the beard area there are always single hair roots. After removing the follicles, they should be planted in the beard area without waiting to keep them alive. So they can not loose their function by remaining oxygen free. You should not forget that such applications require a specific experience and knowledge. Fort his reason, a well-experienced doctor should be consulted before taking any step .
Beard transplant can be done also to people with scars, burn Marks, beard breaking problems. However, a more detailed assessment should be made by a specialized expert in this field.

The Beard After The Transplant
After this application, some spills occur in the beard for 15 days. However, these are the processes of the shedding. The hair follicles are not damaged. It starts to grow in the beard for about 4-8 months . People who made the beard transplant , they should not use materials such as cologne, perfume in this region for a while . In addition, the beard machine should not be used during the healing process(1 month ). Since the hair follicles that are planted in the beard area are active, they will start to grow later. With the approval of the doctor after the healing processing , the person can start to shave his beard.

Shaping The Beard Area With The Beard Transplant
Today, the most widely preferred beard transplant is the beard shaping. In recent years, people who are tired of spending time on shaping their beards and correcting their appearance can also apply for a beard transplant. Shaping the beard area became a practical method with the beard transplant. This technique , which is usually preferred by men who leave a beard, causes a scattered appearance, so the cut of the hair follicles are removed and transplanted to the area with a dilute appearance. If there is no dilution occuring in this area, the beard follicles are removed, which causes scattered appearance only for cleaning purposes . Thus, there is no need to cut hair that is constantly scattered.

Is It Another Way To Make The Beard Thick?
Generally, patients are looking fort he answer to this question before deciding on beard transplant; Is there another way to tighten beard? If the reason of having empty areas in the beard is hormonal, in this case the testosterone hormone supplementation can be achieved by tightening of the beard. However, beard loss occured due to the reasons such as scarring, and beard removal in this area after 7 months, although this is the only solution. There are products on the market claim to grow beard. However it is not possible to create a new hair follicles with these products used in a region where the hair loss has occured. Existing products can provide thickening of beards. But we can say that it is impossible for the bristle root to be formed .

A Smooth Favorite Appearance With The Beard Transplant
Those who apply for a beard transplant , it is not necessary that because they have empty areas in the beard area, the beard design becomes something fashion in men .Here at this point , the activation of beard planting with the favorite smoothing process is entering. Beard follicles scattered in the favorite region are taken to the choosen area, so rarely seen. Due to this technique , more good and strong appearance .