Beard Transplant Procedures

The beard for men is part of the aesthetic appearance on the face. The beard for the male face is like an accessory. However, in some cases, men do not have a beard as they want. Sometimes, because of the illness, sometimes due to the effects of genetic factors, sometimes due to accidents in the beard may occur dilatation, openness or scarring. It cannot even apply the dirty beard fashion, which is especially common among young people.

Normally, there are problems such as dilatation or dilution, and do not cause health problems for men. The only effect is aesthetic. In this case, it can become a spiritual problem for a man. May cause problems such as feeling well or being away from sociability. Today, aesthetic applications have found a solution to this problem. Thanks to the transplant of beard, the men’s beard problem is resolved with an easy application.

Beard transplant, such as hair transplantation, the follicles are taken from another part of the body and transplanted to the beard . Even for people who have never had a beard , the beard can be successfully transplanted. As a result of this application, a beard can be created that maintains its naturalness and aesthetic appearance. Since local anesthesia is used during this application, beard sowing can be done without feeling pain. FUE technique is used during beard transplantation. The hair roots taken from the areas that are not poured into will be planted to the beard area.

The hair follicles to be used during beard transplant should be removed from the beard area as much as possible. Especially the neck part is suitable for this. Thus, the hair structure in the beard will be the same and a more natural look will be obtained. In addition, hair follicles can be taken from the nape area. But this is the second choice. The hair roots should be planted at the same angles as the person’s existing hair. The angle of sowing is important for a natural look. When the hair grafts are planted, there is no cavity in the bottom. Due to the fact that the cutting tool is not used, the hair roots ends looks naturally.

During hair transplantation, single hair follicles should be used. If the hairs are to be removed from the nape, the roots must be separated individually. Because in the beard area there are always single hair roots. After removing the hair roots, they should be planted in the beard area without waiting. Live hair follicles lose their function if kept for a long time. You should not forget that such applications require a specific experience and knowledge. For this reason, a doctor should consult with a specialist in facial hair.

Beard cultivation can be done for people with scars, burn marks, beard breaking problems. However, a more detailed assessment should be made and a physician specialized in this area should be consulted.

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